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Severe neck shoulder pain

Started by ToniC on 01/25/2019 5:22pm

I had c3/4-c6/7 fused 3 disks replaced with cadaver with plate and 8 screws . This was no. 6 2018 ..today in am in so much pain Its crazy. Had second follow up with my surgeon yesterday and he says it's all healing very well but that I have a sever commplication/ side effect from the surgery which is the pain it has caused me and my fingers are back to being numb and tingling I also have crazy pain in left arm about midway down. He says the pain is something I'll have to live with now. Today I was in the most pain ever I think I could not continue my day at work. I made an appointment with my primary to get some kind off relief since the gabapentin and flexeril are not doing anything . She was able to give me toredol shot and 3 weeks of lortab and I'll start physical therapy soon. Has anybody found any other way of relieving the pain besides meds or will I just end up taking drugs for the rest of my life. I'm not sure even that I'll be able to continue working much longer..

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I feel for you. I had the same surgery in 2013 in Los Angeles, California Cedars, one of the best Hospitals in the country. I did good for about 1 year. Now I feel like you, but on the right side. All the meds you named didn't work for me either. Now I am on hard core PAIN killer (Morphine). These meds saved my life. I was in so much PAIN I nearly killed myself. No lie. BUT, long term use of these meds will tear your body up in the long term. You have to weigh the good with the bad. No easy answer my friend. Injuries like ours, well, they suck for everyone around us.
The doctor could have injured your spinal ACCESSORY NERVE. BUT he won't tell you that. Keep me posted.