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Post surgery issues

Started by Sheabug81 on 02/07/2019 4:53pm

Here's my story. I've have sciatic issues for 12 yrs. Last Dec. I stared having severe pain in my leg that felt like a cramp, I walked it off but after a few day I couldn't. Went to the Dr, and got screwed around for a few weeks, was sent to physical therapy for a muscle strain. By the 3rd session I couldn't walk 5ft without horrible pain. The Dr thought I was after pain meds. I finally took my mom with me so she would listen. I got set up for an MRI meanwhile the pain was going from my lower back down my hip behind my knee to the middle of my foot. After 2 weeks, all the muscle in my leg was gone, had muscle spasms, and lost feeling in my last 3 toes. The whole back of my leg was numb, feeling like if your foot was asleep. I got my results, I had a large rupture in my L5-S1 had surgery. Pain never went away fully away. Recently all the symptoms are back. Is possible to do this again? The disc was removed so what could be pushing my nerve again?

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