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Failed drug test

Started by Sad_kitten85 on 02/15/2019 10:07pm

I have been in pain management for 2 years or so. I have been drug tested many times, and pride myself in my always clean tests. I am prescribed 5 oxycodone a day, and have NEVER taken more than 5 in a day EVER. I was also on extended release morphine 3 times a day but opted to get off the morphine completely because the risk of taking so much opioids a day DID NOT out weigh the added benefit of the morphine. I have been off the morphine for 2..3 months maybe. Every day I take my oxycodone 4 × P/D 10MG each dose. I also take cymbalta 90 mg P/D, gabapentin 500 mg P/D, cyclobenzaprime 5mg 2-4×P/D, metroprolol 25 mg 1/2 P/D, etodalac 500 mg 2×P/D, and 6 xtra strength tylenols a day. I dont use drugs and dont ever drink. Because of depression, being a house wife/mother of a busy 5 year old with rarely a babysitter, and autoimmune diseases/ chronic pain I dont go out. I dont socialize. I dont even see my friend. I'm not ever in a position where someone could "slip" something into my drink other than my mother inlaws with a sketchy sister in law who there from time to time. We dont have ANYTHING in the house with codeine, and I never take meds from anyone else. Not even tylenol. I always have my own meds with me. Tylenol included. Last month I had a drug test. No surprise. The surprise came 2 day at my pain management app, where he said my last test had a small amount of codeine in it. I have not taken any codeine or any codeine containing products. I alwnost always refuse any and all cough syrup, only getting desperate enough every 5 years or so when a really bad cold gets me..and I have not had any in many, many years. I'm wondering how something could be in my system that I KNOW FOR A FACT I DID NOT take. At the most I see doctors and the usual grocier/cashier/banker. I have only seen my sister in law a few times in the last few months, and I avoid her at all costs when she is around. Other than that I am at home, with my dog, daughter, and husband. How in the crap is this "in my system" if no one could have drugged me, I dont have access to codeine, and I dont have "friends" to set codeine from if I I even wanted to. Plus, I have horrible anxiety and I'm absolutely petrified of dying. .so I most definitely would not EVER take an unprecribed opioid especially considering I'm all ready on my oxycodone, and I have not the slightest clue of what is too much. I take them as I'm told and I dont stray from that. Of course, no one believes me besides my partner, mother, and best friend. Please tell me how this can happen and how to avoid it, or prove my innocence if it happens again. Thanks for taking the time.

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4. I have never..not even ONCE taken my 5 prescribed a day. Never more than 4 in a day, even though I am prescribed the 5 a day.