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New Spinal Cord Injury input needed

Started by AHambleton on 12/20/2011 5:20pm

Please help us answer this question on the [url=http://forum.facingdisability.com/discussion/32/paraplegic]FacingDisability Forum[/url]

This doesn't appear to be a very busy board, but I'll offer ....
As my username suggests, I'm a fifty-something L1 complete just settling into the new order of things, and am hoping to see what some others here may be going through or how they are adapting. I used to be fairly active -- it was a motorsports incident -- and that hobby was also my work, leaving me with some big holes in my personal program.

Anyone else see themselves as trying to be (mostly) as active as before, as opposed to already getting used to just sitting around most of the time? For whatever it's worth, I'm an American expat living in Holland & am cautiously considering a return to the States, if it sounds like it would be a better long term prospect.
Thanks, and talk to you soon!

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