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fusion at c-5 thru c-7

Started by tammym on 03/12/2010 10:05am

I had a discectomy c-5-thru c-7 with donor bone and titanium plate and screws. My doctor saw me 6 weeks post surgery and looked at xrays. He said i had to continue wearing aspen collar for 2 weeks and then take it off as much as i could tolerate. I am recovering well but now am starting to feel some pain returning in my arm and shoulder and down my right side to my leg. is this to be expected? I feel like i constantly worry about something going wrong after i have come this far..Does anyone else feel like this. I just want to move on but feel stuck and depressed about it. Is it ok to drive with the collar off after 8 weeks?

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Dear tammym,
I am just going to say one thing @ this that I just posted on in another area here. I am in a terrible place in pain. I had an ACD & F spinal diskectomy (C5-C6) and sounds to me like u need to stay on top of this. If the pain doesn't get any better..u tell him that something is wrong. Don't wait until it is too late and u can't do anything @ it. For , now I, since have listened to my NS who told me that I needed to wait so that it could fuse...it fused alright to where I can't stand the pain sometimes. I just want to save u a lot of grief. I just read if u wait until the bone grows over the plates it can't be romoved, but I am not giving up.

I know u have to have time to heal, but if ur experiencing some burning in areas where the nerve is running to point out that there is something wrong. GO and get exrays w/another doc. Maybe a Chiro, but...and I mean BUT DON"T let him do any adjustments on u...just xrays...ONLY. Xrays and maybe a CT Scan will show if something is wrong. I am not trying to scare u, just keep u aware that there are so many of us that have failed fusions or should have filed for Malpractice ...like me. Geee..I have both. I was so ignorant to the fact that a doc(NS) could do something wrong.

I am a vocalist too. I worked professionally in Opryland in Nashviille, TN and could have done a lot. I still try to do all I can under the pain I am under. IT changes ur life. I am married to a wonderful man and have two young boys that need mom...and sometimes it is soooo hard to get thru a day. I account most if not all of my strength from The Lord...He sustains me and keeps me moving on.

Just stay strong and think and also check on everything. I have to go for now, have to change my Fentanyl patch. FUNNN ..yeah, it is every three days I have to wear a patch that delivers med. 24/7..so I can make it without going crazy I guess. Don't worry...just pray and I will pray that there is nothing wrong. The most important thing that u can do right after this surgery is rest....I mean do nothing. It is so important not to mess up anything in there. Good luck...
Take care and always ..GOD BLESS Karen