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Broken Titanium Screws In The Neck

Started by Frank C. on 05/10/2010 3:17am

What Is One To Do In A Case Like This, Can't Go The DR. For Two Months And Realy Scared

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who was the manufacturer? I have a similar case


Why can't you go to the doctor for 2 months and how do you know they are broken? If I were you I would get a second opinion and make sure you get referred to a GREAT neurosurgeon, not just anyone. It makes a huge difference in the neuro you get.
Also, if you are in pain, get in ASAP or things could get worse or the screw could poke a hole in your esophagus. That is a very common problem with these cervical fusions. My screws got wiggly, the plate popped up and the bone never fused. I suffered for 18 months, then I got another opinion and another fusion. This one is much better, but I lost my ROM (Range of Motion) and my neck is purple and it will not go away. It looks terrible and I am getting no answer as to why.
Good luck to you, but be persistent and be a bit aggressive or they think you are not in pain. I learned this over time and my primary doc, told me "you have to go in and be in their face over your pain".
If the screws did break, get a great attroney and sue the company, not the doctor. It is not his fault, unless this has happened with other patients of his before. You only have 2 years to file it from the date you found out they were broken. Stick up for yourself, cause nobody else will. I wish you the every best since I too, live in chronic pain~