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Posted in: Neck pain, and Surgery.

dont know what to do?

Started by rosey on 06/30/2010 7:04am

i have neck pain that gets worse as i do things(can lay on couch all day no pain).
4.5 months still no relief with pain getting worse. i have stiff neck up and down. cant sleep at night do to pain
some pain into extrmeties numbness etec blah blah ( tired of telling of systhoms)
had 3 epidurals.
does anyone know if arthrosopic spine surgery (lss) works on arthrtis on verdebrae along with disc
or do i need to go for fusion?
If u work for lsi please dont answer
i feel like i have a knot in the back of my head
also, does any one know what are the disc systhoms compared to arthrtis

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I've heard that bottom will help loosen some of the tension. Find the best doctorni your area and get big checkup. MRI ect can be done at home but go to mayo, university or some other high dollar place. U will spend the money put zing around anyways...I know that from experience. I check out books and if the doctor that wrote makes since, I get intouch with them and if they can't get me in then I ask for who they think I can get some help from. Referal,referrals. It is my new course of action. Most primaries will write out script for referral for first one and you go from there. Don't know if this has helped but it's my new approach to finding someone who knows what is happening.


Spent firtst 2 yrs curled on my couch crying. Pain level 60. Pain is relative...if I hit 5 I would be happy.
If u cry it's a ten?? Have they had pain?...ever? No or they wouldn't have made it through med school. Jmo


That was supposed to be botox...stupid spellcheck