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Posted in: Neck pain.

Neck Pain and Chiropractor

Started by neckhurts on 08/02/2010 10:29am

I have bulging disk (neck). I am seeing a chiropractor for the past 1 year. But no relief.

Does chiropractors handle this kind of pain (neck)? What are my alternatives?

Can someone please shed some light?

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This is just my opinion of chiropractors and my experience December 2009. I went to the chiropractor approximately 3 times a week for nine weeks. Every time I would talk to the doctor they told me next time you will feel better. After five weeks listening to that I started doing research on my chiropractor. Do a web search on (chiropassion consulting /Dr.Joe) my chiropractor was teaching other chiropractors how to scam their clients. Keep them coming back and their families. My chiropractor was a motivational speaker if you bought his course. If you go to that website look under Dr. Joe. I know we can't mention names. I just hope you didn't get scammed like I did. My son was going for 30 days with me. My son is depressed and has other problems that he said he could help with. And I know all of us would do anything for your kids to get them better. Dr. Joe even says he takes care of more kids than anyone in the area. It took my son three months to get better from the pain the chiropractor created. So we can say I was a madman dad. The chiropractor's office called me at least 30 times.The Doctor Wondered Why I Quit Coming I didn`t want to say anything in case he knew the surgeons and doctors I continue going to . I just had my fusion July 22 just starting to feel better now.
PS. I was promised by my chiropractor that he would fix Me. He kept saying It Takes months to fix 48 Years of Mistakes Plus All the Other Things He Promised