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Posted in: Neck pain, and Pain management.

Radiofrequency for cervical pain

Started by amelia on 02/24/2011 9:41am

I recently had radio frequency for cervical pain. I has helpful with my neck pain but now I have a strange feeling in my head like someone is pulling my hair. Can this be from the RFI?

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i had the same but it made my left side of my head go numb for 2 weeks then it got to hurt on the top left side of my skull like some one hit me with a baseball bat and its still there been 8 weeks cant sleep at night couse if i roll and touch that side of my head it wakes me up my primary doctor told me that they hit a nother nerve and damaged it so i dont get those any more been trying to see the doctor that done this but hvent got to yet finaly got apiontment to see him on jun 2 the ra didnt work at all made mine worst good luck with yours hope yours has got better by now dont know how long mine will last probaly for ever