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can back pain cause migrane?

Started by 100001325441001... on 12/08/2011 5:32pm

Hey people.Im 29 and feel like a pensioner. I have had cronic back pain since being 15 yrs old and migrane to go with it. Docters wont tell me anything and the Nhs is useless. I dont have the money to go private. Ive tried seeing a chiropractor for my back which helped short term but my gp wont help me any further. I cant take meds as they make the migranes worse. Has anybody got any advice. I do the usual stuff, no caffine, no choc, no alcohol, no cigs...... some life for a young person hey, any advice would be truely grateful. Im also seeing a counciller for depression because of this but yet feel so alone and abandoned by the medical proffessions.

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Hi Nina,
So sorry for what you are going through.It is tough,i think it helps to participate in discussions on here,feels like a big huge support group to me.Sounds like you are being pro active in every other area.If it helps you to know i specifically lift up people in prayer by name as i read their many sad posts.
Take Care,
Nurse Nancy


hi nina how r u. i rad ur problm. i m not a doctor to advise u madicn and thier treatmnt. i am aslo suffer from back pain from last 5 months but with the grace of al mighty now i am feeling well. i concerd a noero surgeon and he priscribe me madicn and doing back exercise. i can advise only one type tablets. u use it then see the result. i hope that u will cover some litle about. tab Neogab(Gabapentin). wish u best luck for future.