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Neck cracking/popping

Started by semeagher1 on 12/28/2011 6:08pm

I am new here and I have several thing that are going on with my neck. One when I get tense I hunch my left shoulder and it can knot up and it will take days to go away. Heat and stretches help, but not totally and Aleve doesn't losen the muscle. Also at least once or twice a day I will tilt my neck to the right, just as part of my everyday movement and it will do a triple crack or popping sounds. When I am tense it does it more. I am not sure if they are related or there is anything I can do about it. I don't try to crack my neck it just happens. I wasn't too worried about just frustrated about it, until I went home for Christmas and my mom said she was told by her doctor that she her fifth and sixth vertabrae were fused. I have to admit I don't even know where to start with this.

Should I go to the doctor? Is what is going on actually an issue? I mean I think a lot of of it is related to how stressed I am and how I sleep, so I feel like life style changes might help, but I have been trying them and they don't seem to be helping. Once in a while things might tingle but not badly. Something though I will be disoriented when my head cracks, but really that happens maybe once every three months. I am sorry if this is a disoriented, but I figure the best way to ask my question is to put it all out there. Otherwise I think about it too much.

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