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Should I have neck surgery?

Started by candygirl747 on 04/25/2014 5:23am

I just got MRI results that said I had stenosis from spondylosis. You will never believe what made is severe. I had knee surdgery and while giving me anthesia they must have positioned my knee and head wrong. The next day I couldn't even touch my neck with my finger tips. I have stabing pain when I turn my head to the right and now It pops all the time. I was really injured bad. My neck pain was manageable before now my pain control CNP has referred me to a neurosurgeon. I am very scared....the knee surgery went very bad. All my levels were too low and I have sleep apnea. The surgeon told my family that I would never survive a knee replacement my health was too bad. My knee hurts terribly and the physical therapy sometime made it so bad I couldn't walk. I am afraid to go back to surgeon. Should I tell him my neck was injured. I have been referred so many times to this orthapedic group. You go in they take an xray, tell you they don't see anything GoodBye...I go back to Pain Control Center. They order an MRI and only borderline stuff shows up. Bulging disks in all three areas of my spine but not pressing on spinal cord. Till now and now I am afraid to have another surgery because of the knee surgery. Should I tell the anthesia group?? What should I do? I know the probley saved me but now I am in horrible pain and suffering. I feel injured and violated. My mother-in-law had surgery for her hand numbing and they took a piece of bone from her hip and put it in her neck. She was horrified when she woke up to find they had cut the front of her neck not the back. She had breathing problem and the ansethist gave her a spinal block and she was awake. This surgeon has operated on my husbands back six times and wouldn't do that for him. He was told by the surgeon that he could only have a surgery lasting one to one and a half hours. I had my thyroid and 3 1/2 of my parathyroids removed and that went really good, but I am really scared about this one. He probley will say my condition is not serious enough anyway. I am so confused....Help. Candy747

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