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I have every vertebra fused except for six.

Started by 102012778169439... on 04/06/2016 7:42pm

I recently had a operation that started at S1 toT8. The reason I had this operation was due to two broken rods at the same location. My first operation started at S1 to L5. I had the rods broke at L4. I went back to my Doctor and he said that he wants to eliminate any possibility of having more surgery. He first went through my stomach and inserted spacers to keep from the round shoulders. I also want to mention that I have a bad anemic problem, and also have Dilated Cardiomyopathy. My ejection fraction was 20% in my left ventricular. The first operation was painful because of the stomach were cut. The incision was about 7 " long. They wanted to do my back three days later. My wife didn't like the operations being done so quick. They decided to wait three weeks before doing my back. During the stomach operation, I needed 8 bags of blood and a couple bags of platelets. My heart issue was discovered while in Iraq. I spent five years working in the sandbox.
Three weeks went by and they went from S1 to T8. That is a 18" incision. They had a heck of the time with my blood. I had 12 bags of blood and 3 or 4 bags of platelets. It was a long operation around five hours. I stayed in ICU because of my heart. Don't ask me but they were concerned. I ended staying in the hospital around 8 days. They released to go home. I live in Va., but I had the surgery done in Philly. The first day I arrived home my back started to show infection. My wife called the Doctor's office, and sent pictures up for review. They scheduled me to head up to Philly to open the whole incision . They had to dig out pockets of infection. The Doctor was glad that he removed the pockets. They washed the whole 18" incision with antibiotics. They ended up putting a picc line in me. I also needed blood and platelets for the washout. Again, after 8 days they let me go home. I had to have a PT nurse help with rehab. I also had a nurse stop once a week to draw blood, and put new packing around the picc line. I had to have three bags of antibiotics every day for 45 days. I am now currently taking a strong oral antibiotic for the next three to four months. They will step me down to a milder antibiotic that I will have to take for 3 to 4 months.
Four months have pasted, and the other day my wife found a large lump down at S1. We sent photo and x rays to the Doctor. They think one of the screws backed out. I still have pain in my back, and neck area. I had five vertebra fussed in my neck two years ago. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. I also heard that I am more acceptable to staph infection. I am still battling the first staph infection. I truly have been through a lot of issues. I still have to get my heart back to normal size with Coreg. I am hoping that the Doctor can open a small area and drive the screw back in. The staph infection makes me nervous. Does that sound right to you that it should be a small incision?

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