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results from last myelogram and CT what happens now

Started by chello on 08/21/2010 4:18am

I have neck and back pain. To explain I will use the impressions given from my last myelogram and
hope to find/get advise from people suffering the same problems.
I have a failed back surgery in the lumbar spine. Post laminectomy and fusion from L-4 through S-1:
The inferior screws extending through the sacrum protrude through the anterior margin of the sacrum into the presacral soft tissues. 2: Broad-based bulging and herniation in the left lateral and
lateral region at L-3-L-4, above the fused segment. 3: Mild clumping of nerve roots in the lower lumbar region may be related to arachnoiditis.
L-2-L-3 Facet hypertropphic shnges. Minimal disk bulging. L3-L4 Facet hypertrophy. There is circumgerental disk bulging with left paracentral-lateral herniation, which impress upon the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. There is moderate narrowing of the left lateral recess and left neural foramen. The right neural foramen is patent. There is moderate spinal stenosis. This is a ligamentous
hypertrophy.. Facet hypertrophy is also seen.
C4-C-5 Prominent posterior osteophytic ridge, most pronounced in the left paracentral and lateral region, which impresses upon the anterior aspect of the thecal sac. The left lateral recesses and proximal left neural foramen are narrowed. The right foramen is patent. There is distortion of the thecal sac as a result of this osteophyte. C5-C6: There is a small posterior osteophytic ridge. There is no significant spinalstenosis. There is mild facet and uncovertebral hypertrophy. There is no evidence of significant neural foraminal compromise.
C6-C7: Thre is disc bulging with a small posterior osteophyte. C7-T1 There is disc bulging with a small posterior osteophyte. C7-T1: Minimal bulging and small posterior osteophytic ridge.

I think this hits the major highlights from the myelogram and CT study. Also I have an enlarged
Thyroid and Kidney stones. I am in a constant state of muscle spasm in my neck, shoulders and
have scoloisis as well. This pain in my neck has been with me since I was about 15 years old.

They want me to see a neurosurgeon pretty soon and I have an appointment coming up.
The last surgery nearly killed me. I had a blood clot, near heart attack, pneumonia and spent
almost a month in the hospital(s). Even survived a broken down brand new ambulance ride. During
surgery I was given 4 pints of blood in addition to the cell saver. 5 days later I couldn't breathe and
the clot was discovered and ABG was elevated. I also needed 3 more pints of blood. I thought I was
seeing the "light", but it was just a bright surgical light so that they could put in a sub clavical port to
transfuse me. I don't understand most of this, am in my early/late 50's now. So I suppose I want to
know if any of these problems are going to continue to worsen and threaten my life which is pretty much day to day severe headaches, spasms and pain all over. I can't sleep and it's difficult to turn my head to the left and I never ever lift my head to look at the stars, it won't move like that anymore.
What can be done? Has anyone had a Cervical spine repaired if it was in this condition? Was it
worth it. I have good pain management now and that is such a blessing after being beratted by too
many Dr's to count and labeled as drug seeking. Blackballed in one whole town because of the pain, but never sent for tests of any kind. It's been dreadful. I would appreciate some guidance if you
can provide it and help me to make some difficult decisions about my care.
And what can be done with those darn screws that are not in the correct place? I should mention
that even with the pain meds, I still suffer, it's difficult to keep up with even light housework. I can't even get my hair cut because of the sinks that they use to wash hair cause so much pain.

I need some direction, some understanding about what I may be facing. I only know that I will never
get another fusion and don't know why he did one to begin with. There must have been an easier
way, but I had 3 disks that were just ripped open and in a lot of pain at the time. Living in a wheelchair was not an option since I had children to raise.

Can anyone help me? Thanks so much for reading this in advance.

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