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Posted in: Pain management.

Nerve Stimulator

Started by gray809 on 10/08/2010 1:05pm

Hello, I'm hoping to talk to anyone who has the stimulator, and can explain to me how it feels, and does it hurt. I'm getting ready to do a TRIAL of the stimulator. Can anyone help me, I have RSD which affects the nervous system in your body. So, my neuro Dr. say its will help me with the burning and swelling of my right side of my body.

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hi gray...
the stimulator gives a mild tingling to your legs. you can control its strength. did you ever go to physical therapy and have muscle electronic stimulation. the feeling is similar. it didnt kill my pain but i hope it helps you.....pete


pete81241...thanks for explaining to me how it work. Never had PT that use a stimulator on my
muscles. By I did have PT over and over, last PT I was put in the pool, where I could hardly walk. So, my neuro Dr. stop it due to my screws in my back were bent. Has had Pt in patient and I did good. But this pain I have now is so bad I pass out. My right foot has no feeling and the toes do not move one by one only the big toe move. burning in my hip,right leg,knee, and right foot and three toes on that foot. Thanks for the advice, I will pray for you...I'm going to try the stimulator and see how it work, if it don't, I don't know what my next option is. I've had nerve block shots also. Waiting to get a response from disability to see if they will approve me. its been since May that I have applied, now this RSD is very bad I have type 2...wish me luck..haven't got the appt for the trial yet....once again thanks....gray