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Posted in: Pain management.

Trial of the stimulator

Started by gray809 on 10/20/2010 10:43am

Hello, getting ready to do a trial of a nerve stimulator on Nov 15, 2010. Just wanted to talk to anyone out there that has gone though the trail, what can I expect. I very scared and confused, by I'm tried of the burning shouting pain, numbness of my right foot, and now I have RSD. Will this help!!!!!

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Nothing to be scared of, you should be asleep for the proceedure, or so out of it that it wont matter.

If you are asleep, you will be woken up one or two times to ask if the stimulation is in the right area, and then right off to sleep again.

The SCS worked for me for awhile, and then did not work anymore. I had a few revision surgeries for lead placement due to weight loss.

To me the downsides of the SCS are can't use while driving(are told not to anyway), movement usually causes the stimulation to stop and restart when the movement is completed, you find that you get jolts which are much higher than the setting you have it on and that just takes some getting used to.

My advice to you would be to do everything you can do while on the trial, walk, run, sleep in all different positions, bend, stretch, etc. so you wont have any surprises when you get the implant. If I had my choice, I would probably have not gotten it done, however there are thousands of happy customers, so I might not be a good example.


backhurtsinthisarea...... thank you for all the good advise. How bad is the jolts, is what I need to know. It the stim don;t work my neuro doctor told me my only other option is nerve shots or a pain pump stim. I hope something work. My neuro doctor told me I will never work again and I will have to use a four wheel walker. This will be my four surgery trying to help my back. My body rejected the lumbar fusion after two month, so all the hardware had to be removed. My RSD is type 2 and is very painful, do to my nervous system is damage. One again thank you.....