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Spine surgury

Started by Lauren1954 on 08/02/2011 9:23pm

I have been suffering from back pain for 15 years . I have been under the care of pain management since my 3 previous neck surgeries 16 to 18 years ago. They were successful as my right arm was paralyzed and I have the use of it for all practical matters and and only have some residual weakness in the right arm. What is happening now is I have undergone surgery march 17 and march 21. The first was anterior surgery to put in cages and prepare for the posterior surgery where they operated from T9 to S1. The surgery was very hard and I was in the hospital for 24 days after about I seemed to recovering fairly well when the pain started to increase again and things were reverting quickly. I went to my surgeon and he took a cat scan and the results showed my spine had what he referred to as fell over the top. I was told I needed corrective surgery and I decided I had to do it as the pain was a 10 on 1 to 10 scale all the time. I had my 3rd surgery on June 15 . This time I had surgery from T9 to
T4 therefore I had a total of 14 levels done between the two surgeries and as I mentioned years ago I had 5 cervical levels done coming to 23 levels virtually my entire spine. My mobility is very limited to say the least. This time I was in the hospital only 6 days when they sent me home and for the first 6 weeks I was in extreme pain and on very heavy doses of pain med I am in physical therapy limited and I am recovering. I am one not to give up and I am driving again and returning to work part time even though I still have limited mobility and more pain than I believed I would have at this time. I saw my surgeon 10 days ago and he took x rays and the results showed I had a broken rod in my lower section of my lumber I believe L4. He said he wanted to leave things alone to let me heal as he was not sure what effect the rod was having as compared to what was still be caused by so much surgery. I am now in a wait and see period and returning to see my surgeon in September. I know there are some people out there with surgery close to mine maybe not exactly but similar. I have read some articles where I see a lot of the same problems I know this is extensive and I have been suffering over 15 years but I am very interested in hearing what others have to say.

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