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Started by PLH1654 on 02/29/2012 11:52am

What can anyone tell me about epadurals for ddd L1-L5 are gone surgery is an option,is it one shot or one for each disc how do they do this and what is intailed? are they painfull? all imputs are appreaceated.thanx.

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i don't mean to be a pain.
but i can answer some about this question.
the epadural shots are a 50-50 thing.
it works for some people were they have one and are good for a year.
but most only get between a week to a few months of relief.
mine only lasted a week.
it takes a week even before you get effects from the shot.
the shots cost me $1000.00 each.
they are not cheap.
also some pain doctors do it two ways.
the good way first.
mine had me lay on my stomach and used a preset neddle.
it stopped just before the nerve in my back.
then he used a xray to get as close to the nerve before injecting.
i got the steriods and pain shot in one.
there are a total of three different types of shots they can give.
all have different meds in them.
also after i got the steriod shot i got mean.
this is one of the side effects of the steriod shot.
now the bad one.
most people i know that had it done.
the doctor made them curl in a ball on there left side on the bed.
then he would stick on electrods that let him know when he gets close to the nerve.
and everyone that i know that had it done this way ended up in more pain.
because he would nick the nerve with the needle.
in short going in blind.
note if you are considering surgery you have to try the shots first.
remember there is a prosses you have to go threw to get to surgery.
hope it helps .


Unless you have a seriously ruptured disk, Imean like you can't wlak or function try the shots first. As the other person said they are a 50/50 thing some people it works wonders for though I have had around 25 or so in the last 25 years only once did it help me and 3 times I ended up on my back unable to get out of bed for 3 or four mounths.I even had to use a bedside toilet.
I've had 23 surgeries ranging from amputation ofand reattachments of 5 fingers to cervical spine fusion to a 6 bypass heart surgery.
Unless your ready or need a wheel chair or can no longer function at all waite on any surgery as a last resort. Ive been licky every surgery I've had an the 16 my wife has had only one did either of us have trouble with they usually all improved the condition compaired to what it was.
The shots rareely hurt, your leg or even your groin may be numb for a few hours but unless the doctor actually hits the nerve itself as was the case when I was confined to bed you should be fine it's really rare that happens. Good luck and god bless.