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Predicament towards decision of spine surgery

Started by eukebi on 05/10/2012 9:35am

I am 64+ years old and has been detected spondyoliesthesis between L4 and L5. For the last four months, after walking for some minutes I have been experiencing some sort of gripping sensation on my right back, right knee and occasionally at the right thigh. this results in inability to walk. A rest of a few minutes relieves the situation only to recur after walking again. • MRI report observes "Grade I- II spondyolisthesis with bilateral exiting nerve root compression at L4-L5 level".

I have been on an exercise regimen for last two months under the advice of Doctors of physical medicine. Though no appreciable improvement is seen, the ailment has not perceptibly worsened either .Neuro-surgeon, consulted, suggests surgery by implanting rod and titanium screws.

I am, however, not keen for surgery as success rates are always in doubt and reports are received on breakage of screws. I am also told of screws costing US$160 to US$400 each. While the decision for quality of screws is left to the decision of the patient in India, I am at a loss as to the basis of such decision as I am not aware of the qualitative differences. Further even if decide on the costliest one how do I know that the said quality shall be inserted. In what way the costly ones shall be better than cheaper ones are also not quite known.

What happens if the body rejects the titanium and fusing takes place partially or does not take place at all.

With above apprehensions, I am reluctant to undergo surgery. Can I not recover with continuance of the exercise?

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