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spondylosis or spinal osteoarthritis

Started by Alhealth on 05/13/2012 7:39am

I have only recently been diagnosed it all started with arm then neck pain leading importantly to continual headaches. It is prominent in my neck but I am now finding that my movement overall is becoming somewhat difficult but gladly not impossible as i enjoy my swimming and aqua classes. Sadly I find that going to the gym as hitherto is a problem. I used to like cycling but am afraid of trying it again.
The hospital have referred me for injections, therapy, and some sort of device which sounds like "tim".

I wonder if my condition is what is called a "disability" a word I am scared of though. Also I wonder what the injectection entail and is my condition going to get worse - I am 74 and a bit.

Can anywhere out there in this wonderful world add any comments or hope/help/advice. My doctor seems to evade most questions, in all fairness due to time and pressures to deal with other patients.

Al I am a "new kid on the block" with up to now, a strong sense of humour but for how long?

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Your subject line caught my eye, spondylosis or spinal OA- they are one and the same. There is a problem accross the professionals reading our test results referred to as "nomanclature". Everyone uses different terms meaning the same things. It's confusing to lay people and some doctors.
Usually you will be scheduled first for physical therapy then injections (injections with PT is common). Personally I had problems with that, the therapist wanted to extend my neck all the time and that caused problems with horrible, unrelenting headaches. Come to find out my spinal surgeon specifically instructed 'No Extension". Injections may work for you, they are not a big deal don't worry yourself over it. No one knows if your condition will worsen or stay the same. Sometimes it levels off. You probably have osteoarthritis throughout your spine, just now you are having problems. Surgery is a very, very last resort, afterall it is your neck. I am 55 my first lumbar surgery was at age 50, the third at age 53. My mom at 82 is just now having bad problems with her lumbar spine. I have early onset disease and come to find out I have generalised primary osteorarthritis; spine, knees, ankles, fingers. All on both sides. I have been having problems with my feet of late, I don't even want to know the diagnosis. This is an inherited form of OA.
You will be ok, just don't let anyone rush you into surgery, try all the other treatments first.


Sorry I should have included that you should continue all your normal routines, exercises you really can't cause harm. The only things to avoid are high impact exercises and weight lifting, anything that jars the body parts. As long as there is no pain continue.If you go to a health center/gym they usually have people on staff that address body mechanics for you and they are familiar with arthritis. I hope this helps you. It's been a 5 year struggle for me but I am different than you. Good luck.