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Thorasic scoliosis removed harrington rods

Started by justmekc on 10/31/2013 12:11am

I am a 38 yr old female with Dextroscolisis of the Thoracic spine. I had Harrington Rods placed in my back when i was 19. Due to a "infection" from the rods i had them taken out the same year. My Cobb line was at a 90 degree angle and it still is. I have Pulmonary problems as well. I am in alot of pain all the time and as i get older it gets harder to get up and down. My neck hurts alot and also my lower back and down my legs. I was seeing a pain specialist and he wanted me to get my records on my surgery's. The only one i can get is when i had the rods taken out They seemed to have lots my paper work on the official surgery. No were to be found. Huh imagine that. I cant get get anywhere with any Dr or anything cause they don't want to do another surgery so i guess im just another statistic. I need help. i dont no what to do or who to go to for advice. I have Insurance i just get no call backs from Doctors or future appts. Help im in major pain here with a 2 yr old im trying to care for when i cant move.

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Hello, I feel so bad for you having to endure this pain and caring for a 2 year old on top of it. Have you researched the srs.org site for the best possible specialist? I mean even if you have to go outside your state for help. I had Harrington rod and fusion surgery for scoliosis years ago and have flatback syndrome now. I also have pain every day so I understand. I don't have insurance so I just do the best I can for now. I don't know what region of the country you are in, but there are some adult scoliosis spine surgeons out there that may be able to help you. You can also get additional information on Yahoo groups on the fiesty scoliosis and flatbackers forum. I pray you get the help you need.


I am so sorry you are suffering. I also have Harrington rods for scoliosis of 64/30 and was fused in 1975 at the age of 16. Everything seemed fine. I was told not to have children but what is life without them? I have 2 sons who were both fused at 16 and I am on them constantly about lifting or doing anything that will make problems. In 1992 I woke up feeling like I had stepped on a rock. I was a dialysis nurse and at the end of my sift I had pain radiating down from my hip and severe lower back pain. The first doc said nothing was wrong and told me to go back to work. So here I am in 2013 still with the pain. I had surgery, multiple PT, acupunture, facet joint injections, epiduals (to numerous to count),caudal blocks, ricci and anything else that was suggested. I went through all of the drugs starting with Tyleno #2 on up. I am now on methadone and lyrica but am still in pain. I now walk bent over and have a rotation to the left. I was told not to try to stand straight because I have no disc left in the lower spine. I have no clue as to what to do to make things better. I can't have cannibus because of my drug contract. My doc doesn't want to increase the methadone even tho my pain is increasing. I was told that if it stops working I have no other drug to switch to. I have hunted everywhere for help so I don't think I can offer any suggestions. I can only say to hang in there. I have heard of a new substance that they mix and inject where the disc use to be and it has helped to eleviate pain. It is in FDA trails now. Just try to keep your spirits up. I keep saying that there are so many out there worse than I am. If you don't get call backs from doc's office, keep calling. It can't hurt!