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Continued pain after 6months

Started by 100001490721654... on 06/05/2014 6:51am

I am 50yrs old/woman. Had Anterior Cervical Decompression Fusion 6 Months ago.C4-7, Just started PT and feeling worse than before! On Norco, Effexor &Lyrica. Sore all the Time from fibrom,myalgia, sore throat today too! I wondered if anyone else is having a difficult time getting ssdi? I have SDA in MI BUT $200 A MONTH DOESNT MAKE IT! EMBARRASSED Depressed, miserable and hell yes, scared ad hell!! I walk with a cane for balance, I almost fall at least 2 times a day. Get shooting pains in my head when I do any motions. Dr. Said its not from the neck surgery, well with is it from? Never had that before?! Eye doc said my eyes are OK. No other answer but to pursue SSDI. AT LEAST I have an atty, or I would not be able to do this alone! And Yes feel alone too! Like a leper! Ppl stay a way from me and ONE sister of 7 helps me! Not often but there for me. Have a cat for depression help. Meds don't do anything but keep me out of. It! So through the healing of this surgery, still deal with Fibro pain, low back pain , Osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel in left hand and pain after ct surgery in right hand! Drs and have set appt with psych. My boyfriend Tries to help but he's frustrated too! Need to share this with ppl that understand. Today is day 2 I'm in bed, hardly able to move. Last week same thing but 3 days! Very lucky to get 2 days I can function! Any responses would be helpful! Thank you!

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