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cervical spinal stenosis titanium surgery failure

Started by crosbyco on 02/27/2016 2:54pm

Hi All ! I am new to this site, i just hope someone can point me in the right direction , I had cervical spinal surgery done from the front of the neck in March of 2015 and had 4 disc's in all removed, from c3 to c7 and they put in a titanium plate in replacement. Right after the operation there was pressure on my spinal cord because i could'nt move my toes or legs and i was brought in for what they say was life threatening double back to back surgery to relive pressure which resulted in surgery from the back of the neck, you should see the scar it about 6 inches.
Almost one year after the operation i still have terrible pain in my neck, shoulders, arms , legs, tingling in my arms , legs .toes, and hands, along with numbness. I am on 24 tablets a day and still taking oxynorm & oxycontin as well. I am also getting a load of trigger point injections and xray guided root nerve injections. They have informed me that i have broken two screws in the base of the plate and the plate has shifted a little, My swallow has got bad and things get stuck sometimes . I have had countless meeting with my surgen and i have been before a panell of surgen at the hospital to explain my situation and for a unified assesment on what they thing is the best form of action. My surgeon has admitted i am his first failure and nothing worked in the operation, he has also admitted that he may have knocked my spinal cord during the operation. My walking is worse now that before the operation and im in so much pain nothing is working , i have endless sleepless nights and im miserable . They now want to operate again and put in a big plate in the back of my neck and their only offer is pain relief nothing else. any suggestions ??????

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