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Front leg and knee pain from L5disc tear

Started by Softly57 on 09/08/2016 8:40am

I have received 3 steroid epidural injections ..first one no help ..second one a week after first helped 30 per cent and had my third a little over a week ago . No change !
My tear is very small no stenosis !! Doctors say my spine looks good except got this little annular tear in my L5 disk .
My left leg (front) thigh and knee (really bad) shin is in severe pain.
I have been to PT still doing exercises .
Going to a neurologist in a month .. Earliest I can get in but I hope no surgery !!
I am 5ft 3in weighed 110 all my adult life now I am 117 with a belly that looks like a hard ballon is in it and my thighs are larger than they have ever been.
I am perplexed ,,in pain .,,scared ,,
What do I do ??

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