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C4 Pinching Spinal Cord & C5 C6 Slipping

Started by Mandjstins on 04/27/2019 11:48am

It all started in March 2018 with dizziness, fatigued and cold and tingling hands. From a stress test, angogram ( only 1 artery kind of bad 70% treat with drugs no stent) to a CT scan on sines, Head and neck. Sleep apnea test ( all ok ). Next in November 2018 was a MRI of neck.
Bingo, I went through Nero, a nurse practitioner at a different Nero to finally a nurse practitioner at a spinal pain specialist that showed me my MRI. C4 slipped enough to pinch my Spinal Cord along with C5 C6 both slipping. She recommend a physical therapist.
I have been to the PT twice in two weeks. He has me doing exercises to get more oxygen flow to my arms and hands.
So far I am still the same. Fatigued and dizziness. Still cold and tingling hands, upper arms are sore and fore arm on left side is sore. Most of my pain and tingling is on left side. The only pain on the right side is hand tingling and my pinky gets numb.
I don't really want surgery but this has been a struggle for a lot of months. I thought, and I think all the doctors thought I was making it up.
I'm 58 male and in great shape. Never smoked, was a gym rat until this all happened in 2018.
Any thoughts about the PT I'm going through and if it helped anyone else to avoid surgery?

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