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C2-c3 herniated disk

Started by Definition on 04/07/2012 4:59pm

Has anyone experienced a c2-c3 herniated disk. I have had a pineal fusion t1-l2 as a child with a Harrington rod. The surgery I ad is ver 40 years. So the brunt of everything over the years as gone to my nek and lower back. Had a recent MRI due to pain in neck, should I ad a protrusion at c2-c3 ... Doctor sad was serious at this level ... He's hoping with rest, no brace , physical therapy it will resolve itself. The surgery would be so difficult at this level. Can anyone tell me if they have experience this ?

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I have c2-c3 and c5-c6 herniated disks. By far the c2-c3 is in worse condition. In spite of that the doctors I have visited have decided against surgery of c2-c3. (They told me they were willing to do c5-c6 at a later time when my pain has worsened.) Some doctors told me to have surgery or risk paralysis. I ultimately had to see 5 doctors to come to a complete decision. The unfortunate bottom line is that surgery of c2-c3 is complicated, risky and few surgeons are willing to try it. They told me that I am safer crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, while of course living in pain, than to risk paralysis as a result of surgery. Unless you have bone about to sever your spinal cord I doubt you will find a surgeon willing to fuse those disks. Therapies and pain management have not worked for me. I wish you the best. I wish I had better news for you.