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Hernicated disc neck

Started by Claire2017 on 01/15/2017 12:13pm

I recently found out almost 2 yrs ago I hve a hernicated disc between the c4-c6 disc in my neck.
Ive been tried with lyrca .. mythacarbamal..antitriptimin... now im on gabipentin.
Sorry if im not spelling these correctly.
I also get co codemal 30/500
But to no avail.
I suffer with numbness tingles. Sometimes I get spasms in middle of my back.
Other times my neck is in pain n feels really stiff.. ill feel sick n dizzy n get sharp pains in my head.

Ive also had like electric socks in bottom of my back going into my leg at times.

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I didnt get to finish my earlier discussion but I get electric shocks at bottom of my back going into my leg also sometimes.
An recently ive started to suffer with body jerks.
Ill be starting steriod injections in my spine in 4 weeks soon n was wondering if anyone has any useful information that could pls help as im in extreme pain n med is no helping.


Hi Claire - I'm really sorry that you are going through all this pain. Have you had an MRI of your neck and lumbar spine? Are you seeing a neurosurgeon to discuss your treatment options? If not, I'd certainly suggest that you do., especially since you've tried several meds with no success. What kind of activities (work, excercise) do you have? Please let us know how you're doing! Take care


I have A pinched nerve in my neck. From I hear it's a common thing and the wait time for an MRI is long to see if the pincH nerve will settle. I lost a bit of feeling on top of my hand and the pain in My arm, elbow is unbearable. My hand goes number.there's no pain medication that will work for the Pain just ibuProven. It's been 11/2 months now.