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Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator

Started by DJWVM1962 on 09/27/2018 11:51pm

IF your Doctor suggests a Boston Scientific Spinal Cord Stimulator for Pain Management = ASK for a unit from a Competitor of Boston Scientific OR find another Doctor!
My Implanted Precision Spectra is a great unit and controls my severe and chronic pain of Diabetic Neuropathy. It is a 4 port unit, so two ports could be activated to control further Chronic pain.
Boston Scientific does not honor its Service/Warranties on this unit! My account is proof.
Boston Scientific ran me between doctors and themselves without giving any help at all to activate the two unused ports. I filed complaints including witness letters stating they saw neglect and abuse of BosSci Rep Misty A.
Boston Scientific promises to send a different rep, then sends the same abusive rep as before without care.
Now there is NO way to get the two extra ports activated to control severe pain. Do NOT Trust Boston Scientific.

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