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Lumbar Fusion

Started by MKT on 05/22/2011 10:27pm

I've read most of the discussions on spinal surgery and I feel a little
uneasy yet. I go in for a lumbar fusion of L4 and L5 this coming, May
25, 2011. I have pain down both my legs and have a hard time
getting around. I sure hope it goes well. I've had lots of prayers, so I
guess I'll see how it goes.

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Please tell me how your surgery went? I am having the L4 and L5 in the first part of June. I hope you are having a great and easy recovery. I am hoping being positive really helps, because there is so much negativity it is scary. Plesase take care and keep us updated on your progress.
Thank you and saying a prayer for all going through this...


I had my back surgery. Lots of pain first week and on pain pills.
After second week of surgery, some pain, using less pain pills.
Have been working in my flower beds, gone shopping and doing about
everything I did before. The sciatic pain was gone immediately after my
surgery. I did have lots of joint pain and inflamation in the skin around
my hips. I decided to stop eating night shade plants, like white
potatoes and tomatoes. Joint pain was gone in two days.
Hope all goes well for you. Lots of prayers went out for me and
my surgeon.
Mary Taylor