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Posted in: Sciatica.

Sciatica, what helps?

Started by jdevon on 01/19/2010 12:37pm

I think I've got sciatica. Shooting pain down my right leg. I got it after moving a piano in my house. It hurts when i stand, and hurts when I walk. Any idea how long this will last? Any tips on how to treat it and reduce the pain? When should i go and see a doctor?

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The majority of back pain goes away. I think the treatment depends upon the cause, but I found several stretches to be very successful. I would try the following stretches: Video Series: Exercises for Sciatica (Caused by Herniated Disc)

They are working for my sciatica. My doc said don't stop exercising, stay active, stretch 2x per day, take ibuprofen and come back if it doesnt get better in 4 weeks.

Hope this help...


I would go to your primary care doc first. They can prescribe a medication to help alleviate the pain while you work to strengthen your back. Definitely keep moving, stretching, walking, etc... If it doesnt get better in a couple of weeks and you continue to have the leg pain, then go to a specialist.


I have constant sciatica in my right leg as a result of a life time of accidents and physical labor. My advice is that you take this seriously and rest while finding a good neurologist to discuss options. Options may include an MRI to see if you have a bulging disc or a herniation causing sciatica. The sciatica nerves attach in the low back to the spinal cord. You will want to research the nerves and where they attach so you have a better understanding. I always thought mind over matter and that worked, along with pain pills for many years, however, if I had it as an option to do over, I would research more right away and take better care of myself. I am 43 and after a very active life, I am faced with a life of disability, unable to work or even get out of the house. Take care of yourself and avoid moving pianos.....


Has anyone tried Gavapentin? My brother takes this and it helps. I have sciatica in my left leg and sometimes feel like I can't move my leg/hip. My leg hurts worse when I am lying down trying to sleep. My neuro. is thinking of putting me on Gavapentin. Any thoughts??