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Posted in: Sciatica, and Spinal cord injury.

Hip pain, paralysis of leg until pain resolves

Started by Jped11 on 06/03/2010 2:19am

I am hoping that one or more of you have had a similar experience. I have been having sporadic episodes of severe hip pain when going from a sitting to standing position. It is as if my right hip is locked, the pain is so severe at the hip and down my leg I cannot stand up straight. Any attempt to try to straighten up leads to excruciating pain. I typically fall back to sit, and then for about 5-10 minutes I am absolutely unable to move my right leg. No because it hurts, I simply can't move it at all. When I am able to start moving it again it takes about another 10 minutes for me to be able to stand straight and start walking. This used to happen only once in a long while and did not last as long. Now it seems to be happening more frequently, with a longer recovery time, and my hip hurts for days after. I have a history of non diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and restless leg syndrome. I am not sure if this is sciatica kicking its heels up, or if it is part of the neuropathy. I work 12 hours shifts, and am on my feet constantly. I walk my dogs, no problem. Any advise would be appreciated.

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I thought I was reading my own post. I have this experience often it is more so as I am trying to get out of the car.
I usually stand there in the partially upright position holding my right leg up until it finally relaxes so I can stand straight it usually takes a little bit of time about 5 mins.
I also used to work 12 hour shifts and I walk my dogs No Problem but, they are small dogs now.
I had a fall and herniated 3 discs resulting in radiculopathy of L5 nerve root according to the doctors, i am being treated by workers comp so I am not sure they are being totally honest.
Have you injured your back? What kind of treatments have you had? I ended up having 4 Epidural Steroid Injections, I do NOT recommend these they are TOXIC to your nerves, I learned to late, Have you had an epidural anesthesia at anytime?I also had Open Back Surgery, a laminectomy, facetectomy, foraminotomy and discectomy. I didn't have the hip problem until after I had all of these treatments so I don't know if one or all of them caused it. I do know I did NOT have this problem even though I did have sciatic pain, before I had these treatments.
It seems like you may be further advance in this symptom then I am but maybe between the two of us and my real doctors, we'll figure it out . Good Luck and not to be cliche but I feel your pain


Wow---me, too. I have no back problems or injuries but continue to have these problems--did you ever figure it out?


I have been having this exact experience with my right hip starting earlier this week. . I am afraid to stand up or sit down. I walk ok and lie down ok, but get frozen when I try to get up from my chair about 9pm, with my leg slightly bent and searing pain into my right buttock when I try to move at all for about 7 minutes. Scary! Will see an Orthopedic surgeon in three days

I just e-mailed everyone I know for advice, have decided to walk at 7 and lie down after that while I watch a movie (on my floor as my sofa isn't long enough).

What worked for you. It's been over a year since your post so you may never see this I realize. Just trying evrything I can to deal with this.