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Posted in: Chiropractic, and Sciatica.

Visit to a chiropractor

Started by pervaiz on 01/11/2011 2:24am

This is the first time i had a secssion with a chiropractor for sciatica by L4/SI nerve pinching
he made me lie down on my side with one leg straight and other bend he than twisted my lower part Than he rubbed his hand on my spine and let me go advising not to take pain med
After the secssion i felt a little better but my night without med was terrible i could not sleep the whole night due to pain I feel after this twist he gave me my condition have become more aggraveted
i would appericiate if some one who have visited a chiropractor let me know this is normal for first secssion or should i dis continue this treatment Here in Pakistan there are no institute to certify a chiro nor you require a license to practice

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I visited the chiropractor many times. Before i knew I had sciatica. I went 2 or 3 times a week for 13 weeks. The chiropractor told me he could fix me. The chiropractor caused me pain every time and I never got better. Here in the US people go to school for a very long time to be a chiropractor. I am not sure if it can be fixed. I go tomorrow and if the doctor wants me to have surgery I will. I have been in pain for 5 years and I cant even take a short walk, dance, excersice or play with my kids. I cant live like this. I hope the chiropractor helps you. It is normal to have pain after seeing the chiro but set a limit to how many times the chiro thinks it will take to fix you. If it doesnt work keep researching, eventually they may find a treatment. Im sorry, and Good Luck


Hi Pervaiz,

I'm sure I wouldn't trust a "Dr" if he had not been to Medical School. I sometimes don't trust the ones that have gone . Here is the US, they go to College for , I believe 6 yrs. I've been in Chiropractic treatment for approximately 3 years- I injured my neck and back in 06- but was refused treatment through WC until 08. My chiro doc treated me at times with the treatment that you received, but I was never told to NOT take my meds. I feel that my pain after chiro treatment is worse that night- I always make sure I have my meds to follow an appt. For me , the chiro appt will make my injuries flare a bit in the hours that follow. The only time I was ever told not to take meds, was when I mentioned that they aren't working as well as they did when I first started taking them 3 years ago - our bodies get used to the dosage and then we have to go to something stronger ( so to avoid going to a stronger narcotic, one might try to cut their dosage over time- for a while , and deal with the pain- to get your body and mind to a point where taking the meds as prescribed will work for them.) I've done this , as I am to take 4 pills a day for pain- I would wake in the night and take them - now when I wake, I make myself go without that one dose , only because I don't want to end up on stronger meds- I would totally love to be able to give them up someday, I not sure that will be possible with all the pain I have on a daily basis. Chiro doc's don't even prescribe the meds, so they really shouldn't be giving information regarding skipping them. It is important that you take care while using the meds, pain meds shouldn't be stopped suddenly- depending on how much and how often one takes them- you could go into withdrawal if you stopped suddenly .
This is your first visit, I'm shocked that he suggested this- over time , with many visits- you develop a Dr/patient relationship- and then he might have suggestions for you - NOT AFTER ONE VISIT.
I would look for another Dr., if that's not possible- I would come right out and ask him why he thinks you should stop taking your pain med after one treatment.
I wish you the best of luck, please keep us informed as to how you're doing.



I have history with chiropractors, going before my double neck fusion, and now going after my surgery. I hesitate, as others, going to a "DR" with no certification; however, he sounds like my first chiropractor. He, and many other chiropractors from what I have read, share the belief that medicines are not good for people; and they should only use natural supplements. None prescribe medicines.

As for the treatment, I had success somewhat before my surgery; however, my neck was too far gone and had to get it operated on. Now, five months after, I am coming full circle in that the surgeon recommending me going to a different chiropractor. I am about 30% better than before starting the chiropractor treatments...now being about my 12th visit.

I recommend staying on your pain meds. You do what you have to do to survive. The chiropractor does not need to know anything else about them...he just needs to do his job and aleviate your pain.

Good luck!