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Back surgery with rod and screws--out comes for others?

Started by tooold on 06/17/2011 5:06pm

My doctor is from Barnes Jewish and Wash U in St. Louis, he does surgery often and is well known in his field. I trust him....but I am scared. I have scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, Spondylosis, and a lot of scar tissue and arthritis from my last back surgery that had to be opened up 2 times because of an infection that had to be drained and then MRSA and a vac machine had to be attached to the open wound to kill the bacteria. I have a lot of fear in my mind. I have no idea of how much pain is involved when you wake up with a rod in your back, but I know that I can't live with the pain in my back and legs and being bent over to find relief, to much pain to walk anywhere, don't know if you'll be able to sit through a show. It is hell. Can some of you tell me how it was afterwards with the successes....I want to be optimistic and pray God is hearing me.

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I can't tell you how it is for everyone but for me...
I could feel the rod for the first few weeks. Well, I should say, I could feel something different in that area but you get used to it. There's no pain from the rod itself or anything like that. It doesn't set off metal detectors like some think. It may sound funny but before I had surgery I was worried my muscles would catch on the rod or something like that. They didn't - and haven't and it's been 5 years since my surgery.

Does this help? I hope it does. If this is your way to get relief then I say go for it. Even if it helps a little its better than nothing right? Plus, if you don't you'll always wonder.

Good luck! Keep fighting and always do your best to stay optimistic (I know how hard that is sometimes but it does make a difference!!)



Well, it looks like you had all the the things that could go wrong already go wrong so you should be in the clear! I saw your post and want you to know that I saw it, I hear what your saying and I am praying for the best of outcomes for you.