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Posted in: Sciatica, and Spinal stenosis.

Stiatca caused by spinal stenosis

Started by Deloyd B on 10/01/2018 9:38pm

I had L2-L5 lower lumbar fusion surgery 21 months ago and I have a rod and about a dozen screws in my back and I've been dealing with severe stiatica caused by spinal stenosis and I've tried the different stretches and I even purchased a back tracker that is supposed to relieve the pain and numbness . I've tried almost everything and I was looking for help within the community that will give me some insight. Before I had my surgery I had two spinal injections but they didn't work and I was told that my back was in too bad a shape for me to get any relief and now I'm wondering what to do next. I had been on Norco until January of this year and now I only have Motrin 800 mg for pain.

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Hi, I had spinal fusion L5 S1 5 months ago. I have degeneration of the spine and had a disc that needed replacing. I was suffering pain in my back, down my leg and sometimes to my ankle and had to walk with a cane. The surgery corrected the disc and I stand straight now. However, the pain is worse, because moving around everything in there just made the nerve more sensitive due to the canal needing cleaning out Once all the inner numbing wore off I began to really feel this nerve giving me grief in my buttock and down my leg. It has since gotten worse this past week. My doctor recommends I have this new sonospine surgery where they insert a camera and use sonic waves to clear on the pathway. It avoids touching the nerve, supposedly. It is new and not covered by insurance, and I need to find out what people have to say about it. ( price $30,000.00 and up) and may not work! The other treatment I read about it MILD. where the scrape out the canal area. After reading other comments on another threat I can't find, as I just signed on to make comments, I think only one person had positive results or near 100 percent positive and he is a 16 year old. So that tells you a lot. Even when young, there is no perfect solution. I am 67 years old and never thought it would come this far, and so soon in my retirement. I am now searching for a solution that will help. Am not sure if anything will, or just make it worse. The worse the condition, the less likely any of this helps much, and often makes it worse. None of the other injections etc. work for me now. I see a wheelchair coming up in my future . And I'm not happy with what nature has dealt me. I don't blame it on the doctors. They do what they can to help, but it is rare that people are truly happy with their results. I hate to sound negative but in spite of my fighting it, and doing what I can ( no hard drugs for me, I have to have brain function) 1,000 mg of ibuprofin in the morning helps me to a degree during the day. But I still use canes, have had my split level stairs modified and have installed stair chairs to move from upper and to basement floors to do what I need to do. If there is a pinched nerve there will be numbness and if there is pain there will be obstruction that interferes with function and causes nerve pain. I am really disappointed with my surgery. Whether I had it or not, I would still be in the same fix at some point in time. Now I have to explain all this to everyone, which is very annoying and disheartening. ......Do a lot of research on line . And find other threads on this site to read what other people have to say before you do anything. Research Sonospine, there are videos, and research Mild. At least mild is covered by most insurances. I wish you the best of luck.


Hi, Deloyd B--thanks for sharing your story with us. We are so sorry to read about the pain you've experienced, even after trying many different therapies.

When we read your story, we thought of an article we recently published about the Alexander Technique. If you haven't heard of it, perhaps it's worthwhile to see if there's a teacher near you: ( How the Alexander Technique Relieved My Sciatica Pain )

Additionally, if you feel like your current provider isn't offering additional options for pain relief, perhaps visiting a new spine specialist for a second opinion will shed light on new treatments that may help. Our doctor finder tool can help you find qualified spine doctors in your area: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe...

We believe there's something out there that, while it may not completely eliminate it, may ease your pain. We hope this information helps, and we wish you the very best.


Thank you so much for your reply and your references.
My pain management doc I've been seeing for 18 years. So I feel confident with him.
I have had many treatments that have worked up until now. We went for the surgery, but now realize that
the shift in the spine and the calcification in the nerve pathways have caused more pain due to the shift.
I literally have had prolo therapies on many ligaments , and also epidurals, etc, nerve blocks etc. Nothing works now.
I do feel that my tendons need more prolo therapy but he feels that I should work on the nerve canal first.
I'm not so sure about that and need to discuss that more with him. Things are moving around and I can hear clicking and clacking. The fusion is in place.

Also I stopped PT after a while because it wasn't getting anywhere. Never much progress and my life was basically going from one appointment to another until I was worn out.

I have a massage therapist who is now a professional PT for seniors and while talking to me today and working on tight lower spinal muscles, she told me specifically which exercises to get back to and not just for the lower back but some for the upper and middle back as well.....all I've had in the past , for various issues. I have the bands, and remember the exercises. Now to set up that schedule.

I have heard of the Alexander Technic, and it worked for a piano student of mine with his bad posture and I've been told it could help me. Now that I hear this from you all, I think I will research because I'm sure there are some practices near me in the DC area. I know I have bad posture, and with this pain, and sitting and resting all the time, I am growing weaker and have more pain.

I really appreciate your support and will make a plan and work to keep you posted on my progress. I also plan to go back to National Spine and Pain and discuss this with them as well. I like my doctor , we get along and I take lectures from him well, because I'm the type of person who needs a lecture every now and then. He may not go along with what I might want to do but he won't interfere. And will tell me it's worth a try.

I just know that at my age, no matter what I do, the degeneration will continue.... I have inherited this faster paced issue form some aunts who I remember as being unable to move..... I don't want to end up like that!

Thank you again. I will stay in touch.