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Posted in: Scoliosis.

Is my cobbs angle result normal?

Started by Tisha_10 on 05/15/2011 4:03am

Hi everyone,

I'm a new in this forum. I was browsing the net for clarrification about scoliosis and cobbs angle result. I'm selected for a Flight Attendant job but I worry since I don't know if I will get cleared for my pre-employment medical exam results. Everything was normal except my cobbs angle result which actually the doctor told me (Radiologist and General Practitioner) it's a mild one.

Anyone there who could tell me if it's a normal one? I was also reading other sites abour this matter and I was informed that 10 degrees is regarded as a minimun angulation to define scoliosis. Mine is 5-8 degrees. Here is the exact reading from my cobbs angle report:

Standing AP views of dorsal and the entire spine demonstrate a thoraco and lumbar scoliosis both of rightward convexity, no associated vertebral abnormality are noted.

Using Cobb technique measuring from top of T4 and bottom T8 vertebral body this angle measures approximately 5-8 degrees and from top of L2 and bottom angle also measures 5-8 degree.

Iliac apophyses are complete along iliac crest and fused with ilium indicates patient reached skeletal maturity.

I would appreciate your help with regards to this. Thank you!


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