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Posted in: Scoliosis.


Started by 100000506312669... on 06/10/2012 1:27pm

my daughter is 17 in August. she is fit and healthy with little discomfort in her back. in march this year she was diagnosed with idiopathic adolescent scololisis. the curve at the base of her spine is 58 and the compensatory curve at the top is 51. the consultant who is really senior in his field expects her to progress by 10 degrees in the next year although she has practically reached skeletal maturity.
i am terrified as she is having a spinal fusion with instrumentation tomorrow am and just don't feel that i have had time to come to terms with her condition.
she has to miss her final maths exam on wednesday and am hoping the board will give her an exemption because of necessary surgery which will allow her to go on and study her A levels.
i have researched the internet but nobody seems to fit her profile so am at a total loss what to do.
her senior consultant is extremely nice and operates out of the john radcliffe in oxford. U.K but still.. what is the outcome of such drastic surgery... will she be thankful in the long run?
she has never been in hosiptal before, never even had a filing for a tooth. please can anyone with some experience help me.

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