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Posted in: Scoliosis.

Questions about child with several curves and hyperlordosis

Started by 1518373298@facebook on 05/27/2014 6:11pm

Hi my name is Lisa and I am 48 years old and had scoliosis surgery with Harrington rod on 1978. I have a lot of issues now above and below the rod including arthritis and degenerative discuss disease. I am here though for some issues 9 year old daughter is having. She was born with Down syndrome and on last month has been having accidents at school both urine and poop. This is abnormal for her. She does have constipation and is on meds. During trip to ER they did X rays... of abdomen and spine. Her pediatrician ordered a scoliosis series and they just did one front view and not the side. She did get a limited side xray through ER, but it wasn't full spine. It did show a hyperlordotic curve which no one has seemed to want to comment on. Although her curve is not bad, the whole spine looks wavy to me and on T8 that appears to be wedged. Any advice? she started having incontinent issues up to 2 months ago and the called because she had an accident-bowel movement and then another one before I got there plus some urine too. At first I thought it was either due to her miralax or a bug. But, she seemed fine after I got her and I figured it must be miralax. Then I remembered recently she has had some bladder incontinence, not full blown wet but a little. So today it happened again both bladder and bowel and I had to pick her up again. At ER they checkd for UTI and it was clear. I am concerned about tethered cord. Her pediatrician called today and left a message stating that her radiology report showed several curves, she didn't think it was urgent but thought a 2nd opinion to Ortho was warranted. I don't know if I can post pics anywhere here. Her curves are not bad at all, but it is the waviness of the curve.


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