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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Harrington rods in 93. Lots of pain now. Good doc near ATL? Is TENS safe?

Started by Atlantamand on 06/20/2014 12:47pm

Hey there,
I am new here. I had surgery for scoliosis in 93, and haven't had many issues at all. Until this past year. Now the pain comes every month or so, and when it does- it's mean. I'm on muscle relaxers and painkillers just to get by. Sometimes the pain is at the top of my rods, other times at the bottom. I also have been experiencing numbness in hands and feet (mostly at night), tingling in my body, and twitching muscles. My doc from Michigan no longer practices. I am in Atlanta now, and have no idea where to go for help. So, I thought I'd reach out.
Also, a friend let me borrow his TENS 3000 unit. I have no idea if that is safe with rods.
Thanks for your thoughts,

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Hi Mandy, I also have scoliosis and problems now due to the harrington rod. There are many of us in this situation now. I looked on the Scoliosis Research Society site and there is a doctor listed that is in your area. I would only see one that has knowledge of scoliosis and harrington rods. There are other scoliosis sites you can look at also. Go to the National Scoliosis Foundation site, Scoliosis .org , Scoliosis Support. Hope you get in to see a orthopedic specialist soon and find out whats causing your pain. Take care.