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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

72 year old with scoliosis affecting breathing

Started by 745870650@facebook on 02/14/2015 8:05am

My 72 year ild mother has had scoliosis all her life. She's dealt with it the best she could, but now seems to have given up.

Breathing has become difficult for her. I think it's from the scoliosis. Her doc told her it was copd, but I know that is not what it is based on her symptoms. She can't even walk across the house without stopping to breathe.

I live 4 hours away from her, so I can't make it to her doctor appointments with her. She thinks she needs a pulmonary doctor, but I really think it all has to do with the scoliosis.

She's very stubborn. I'm trying to find information On my own. Is there a surgery that can be performed on a person that age to help with her breathing?

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