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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Harrington Rod issues

Started by rparra9900 on 02/18/2015 9:31am

Good morning! My name is Rosie and I'm 48 years young. At the age of 17 my parents opted to have a Harrington Rod placed in my back due to my being born with Spina Bifida and physicians at NY Hospital/Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, NY explaining to them that if I didn't have this done, I would be wheelchair-bound by the age of 21.

Years later and now I have been experiencing severe lower back pain to the point where I'm having difficulties sitting in my wheelchair for a longer that 2 hours. I have been very independent all my life...working, school and currently engaged to be married. I have a stepson and stepdaughter. I am currently seeing an Orthopedic at Mount Sinai Hospital and he sent me for an MRI (kind of crazy if you ask me because with the metal in the back, you can't see anything), but it was discovered that the VP Shunt I had also placed as a baby has caused now Chiari Malformation: a congenital malformation in which the bottom of the brain is crowded in the skull cavity and forces the lower tips into the holes in the bottom of the skull. This causes blockage of the cerebrospinal fluid flow from the cranial cavity into the spinal canal. So, I was referred to a Neurosurgeon and now I am scheduled to have surgery on March 27th, but am contemplating it because other than a few minor headaches, i've had no other symptoms.

Last week I went for a CT Scan with Myleogram and not only was it painful, but now the pain in my back has worsened. I am considering putting everything on hold until i do further research and get second and third opinions from other physicians.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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