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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

curve coming back acter rods removal

Started by ana on 09/11/2015 4:45pm

Hi everybody,
My daughter had spinal fusion surgery two years ago.Her screws came loose so she had another surgery to cut part of the rods.A few months ago she had an horrible infection and they removed all instrumentation.
Now, two months later she says that she feels that her curve is coming back because her shoulders do not look as even than before the rods were removed.We called the surgeon but only could talk to his nurse.She said that doc does not think that curve would come back so fast and that her body is still adjusting to not having the rods.We will see him in a few months for the normal check up.So my 16 years old child already had 3 surgeries in two years a d she is worried.Nobody really tells us if it is common for curves to come back or how fast it would come back...Did any of you have a curve come back fast after the rods removal?
My daughter had a 80 degree curvature and was reduced to 40.
I am sorry for all of you who are in pain...May you find relief.

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