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Started by Caspian on 08/12/2016 8:45am

I am just going to try and make this quick and to the point. I am currently 37yo man living in Canada. Have had scoliosis my whole life, or at least noticed when I was six. By age 10 I believe, this horrid hard plastic brace was made for me to wear through the night and days that I was not in school. Was horrible and only ended up wearing it one night, and never again. Once I hit puberty things really took off at a rapid rate, but nothing was done. Skipping ahead I finally had spinal surgery using the harrington rods, from the top to bottom, screws top to bottom, bone fusion lowest down around my left hip, also with hooks etc etc (wish I could show you an x-ray) All said and done, I was very pleased. They needed two specialist there to assist with the harder cases which mine was. I had 3 separate curves, largest in middle and to make this more worse it was also twisting. This was all done back in 2000. Now for the past 5 yrs I'm beginning to notice things. I'm not as straight as I was after the surgery, I'm slowly losing feeling all over my body in patches, which I am assuming pinch nerve, so so feeling returns over time, and others I have never gotten back. I'm beginning to have breathing trouble, walking is becoming harder. Finally after having so much pain I was admitted in hospital and thats where I was told I needed a Restabilization, but only 2 places in Canada that do it. It's 2016 and this was told me to have done 7years ago. I bring it up, and I hear the same thing "we'll send another fax" I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm losing feeling and mobility all the time and it's like no one cares. So that's why I'm writing here, in hopes that someone, anyone can help me, put me on the right path, show me what to do next, Please...

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Sounds like you had better send the letter by certified mail return receipt signature required! Or else get a lawyereal. Or have you or someone else physically take the letter and hand courier the lettersame to the 2 opened places in Canada. Otherwise go to Laser Spine Institute in the States. There are several locations. Tampa, FL. Which is where I went. Ohio, Pennsylvania etc.
Forget the fax. Or have a Business that can fax documents fax both places for you with a proof of receipt! You can sue with proof!
Good luck!