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Posted in: Scoliosis, and Surgery.

Spinal Fusion 25 years ago

Started by redmango on 10/18/2016 7:31pm

I had a spinal fusion 25 years ago to fix scoliosis. I am fused T9-L3 I believe. I don't have many back issues aside from the occasional back pain here and there specially during weather changes.

I have live a normal life but have always been afraid of my back and thus have limited my activities. Well as I get older I notice that i need to be more active in order to stay in somewhat of decent shape. So I went to see a spinal surgeon to make sure everything was ok with my back and to guide me on what activities I should stay away from.

I was told my back looks fine with no major issue and not real limits...the doctor said the only think is that one of my screw seem to have backed up a bit early on. Early on because there is a lot of bone growth in the area now. But I was told there is nothing to be concerned with and that I will not need further surgery.

My question is - is that normal to have a solid fusion with a screw that seems to have backed out a bit? Should I be concern or once a solid fusion is achieved I am ok?

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Hi there,

Ok, so I'm no expert but I've been through fusion myself (t7-l1) and understand your apprehension at what seems like loose hardware.

However, I would take comfort in what your doctor said to you about the one screw, that seems to have backed up slightly early on in the healing process, having bony matter and such around it. This is a sign of a very successful fusion - despite the screw coming a little lose. The fact that the spine fused around the screw, and as long as it's causing you no pain, means that the screw is held in place by your own bone assimilating it as part of the spine. The very definition of a good result.

I hope to be where you are one day.
All the best.