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Posted in: Scoliosis.

Spasms at the 14 month post scoliosis surgery.

Started by ann morgan on 04/10/2018 5:06pm

Here is my blog http://nared.com/scoliosisblog . This might help you help me. These are in the muscles along the spine. I have had very little trouble with them until the last 3 months. I have done all the suggestions that I have read here but the back feels VERY tight and pulling. Does not happen when I am laying down. Just have the rippling feeling then. Thank You

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I have been looking for someone on here who has had Scoliosis surgery.I too,am 14 months out. I still am having pain,done everything doctor told me to do
.P.T. And it only slightly helps with the stiffness.When you say you are having spasms,do you mean pain spasms? This surgery completely changed my life,not for the better.I have such limited mobility in my back.
if I don't do exercises,and then lay down afterwards every day,I feel horrible.I can't sit up for more than an hour at a time or stand. It has limited me in so many ways.I feel like no one understands how I am feeling.The only time I feel ok is when I am sleeping or laying down with ice in my back or heat.I don't know what to do about it either.Can you tell me more about you?