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Breathing problems post 3-level ACDF Oct '07, now C3/4 cord compression

Started by Cindee on 12/29/2011 12:59am

Upset: need more surgery soon, breathing is at risk due to cord compression and serious **osteophyte complex(recent osteophyte within 13 mos)-never smoked, rate osteophyte forming is causing surgeon to want to operate soon due to raspy, smoker-sounding voice.
Prior Surgery procedure:3-level acdf decision made by surgeon in 10/07, but scheduled for two-level; for almost a year used spinalpak II per advise. I did have a lot of pain- no discussion re spinalpak, but told doc post anesthesia to correct what he needed, if he thought it would prevent another surgery, I knew c4/5, 5/6, 6/7 were herniated, osteophyte complex milder compression at T1/2, but told very dangerous to operate thoracic. I had a lot of arm pain, shoulder pain terrible, funny feeling around upper mid back that turned into severe pain post acdf. Never-ending pain. Try to keep good attitude. Surgeon considered top in field.
Recent: surgeon recommends fusion c3/4 with another plate/screw-no idea on using bone growth stuff, as I knew zip about it until just about now. The man brought machine, used it as directed.
Afraid c3/4 fusion will put too much pressure and affecting problems at C2/3-way too close to C1/2, which is very serious - surgeon wants to remove old acdf cage/screws-solid fusion previously. Surgeons want two different sites of operation for T1/2: last MRI shows 2 frames of c2/3 bone barely moving over.
Complications post acdf, I never wanted more surgery; breathing is not a choice. I had come to live with Pain my family needs me. I need best neurosurgeon in the world, please email cindeesunnyfl@yahoo.com. I love my career, use my arms/hands on computer and causes great pain, anything creative with hands hard, have tremors, so now recommendation is surgery at c3/4-t1/2
Ps: If you are court reporter, do not have any kind of big fusion, too painful.

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