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Spondylolysis @ L5-S1: seek endo/laparoscopic repair...

Started by ptsand on 03/04/2010 9:51pm

I'm new to the forum - both myself (age 45) and my mother (age 77) have issues with our backs and are researching non-invasive laparoscopic/endoscopic laser and/or fusion procedures as well as the locations and surgeons Canada-side that can provide options for us. I have a bilateral spondylolysis @ L5-S1with no significant slippage yet. My main symptoms are lumbar pain and weakness, numbness, pins/needles down my right leg. I am seeking to avoid open invasive back fusion (my only known option in Sask) and wonder if the community can point me in some more progressive directions? My mother is at a stage 2 Spondylolisthesis with significant slippage. She utilizes a walker and wheelchair and probably wouldn't recover from open back fusion - she also resides in Sask. I am currently costing out and lining up a 'second opinion' appointment for myself (and my mom) to travel to the False Creek Spine Clinic, Vancouver, to consult with surgeon Dr. Stephen Helper. Can anyone out there recommend him? I was researching Winnipeg surgeons when I came across this forum. Thanks for any help!

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I was alerted to your posting. I should make a clarification; I am not a surgeon. I am a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation. I am a subspecialist in Interventional Spine. I have the knowledge to help guide you in making decisions for your mother. I have the ability to treat some of the potential pain generating structures associated with spondylolisthesis. I do not have the ability to fix the step deformity in your mother's back.

Feel free to contact me directly through my website, with further questions.

Dr. Steven Helper