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Advice for T12 spinal trauma

Started by 101561341961400... on 10/14/2015 9:27am

Hello I am new to spine universe!
I hope I can get some advice...
On the 4th of September I was on holiday in Mauritius with my fiancé we went on a hike of some waterfalls and my fiancé cris jumped off. On landing in the water he sustained a spinal injury he was transferred to hospital where they did scans and found a t12 spinal fracture infringing on the spinal cord so he was taken for emergency surgery the next day.
They joined t10-11 and L1-2 with plates and screws. They did not use a bone graft. The surgeon said that the plates and screws should be removed in 18 months and he did not use a bone graft as cris is 25 and he did not want to cause any stiffness in his spine.
It has now been 6 weeks since the operation and we are back home in the UK yesterday we saw the specialise spinal doctor who tells me it is not normal practice to remove plates and screws unless they are causing problems...
We feel very confused by this! I have done lots of research on the Internet and reading forums on here I can see arguments for plate removal and against plate removal. From what I have read it seems like the argument leans more towards taking the plates out!? It seems they carry risks and as cris is 25 he could have 60+ years of having them in!
Please would anyone be able to give us advice/experiences we are feeling abit lost right now!
Thanks so much!

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