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L5/S1 direct pars repair, please share union and fusion times

Started by Parker on 01/01/2019 9:20pm

Hi all,

I had a direct repair of my pars (unilateral) ~7 weeks ago. Being late forties age, I have been imagining horror stories about the bones not fusing (i.e., non-union). My injury was a few years old and hence the pars had atrophied, making me more worried. My surgeon used bone graft from my hip + moderate amount only of BMP. I was wondering if anyone on here has had this surgery, they can share their stories on when they finally saw new bone, and was it on an x-ray or a CT scan. The good news is on my 6 week post-op x-ray there was no obvious lucency on the x-ray (darkness around the screw) to indicate loosening. The disappointing news to me is that I saw nothing looking like new bone at the repair, but then again I have yet to have the long distance consultation (I'm mailing them the disc). Just wondering what timelines others have experienced in particular with direct pars repair. Thanks for any info. Really wanting union here.


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