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some one who had "pars repair surgery" before, please help

Started by Abdo salah23 on 03/26/2020 10:54pm

Hi, all

4 months ago, at the gym," I got l5 fracture with first-degree mild spondy of l5-s1 "

my work stopped as I'm a civil engineer, and this requires me to have a very active lifestyle. Doctors recommended "spinal fusion", but I heard about a kind of better procedure, which called " pars repair ", which can help me better at my young age of 24 years old.

I need someone, who had the same procedure to guide me and share his last experience through the same operation, I can travel anywhere.

please, help, I'm completely broken.

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I have had 3 operations for spinal fusions and 3 more operations using different methods which would be classed as a pars repair my first operation was 2002 followed by 2 more in 2005 all spinal fusion operations
I had the other method used in 2009 and just had similar operations two weeks ago which l am currently recovering from l have no problem in sharing my experience may l wish you well


Demaine, thanks for consideration

best wishes for your new recovery and hope you feel no pain anymore.

I'm 24 years old. I used to go to the gym. 1 year ago, I, by accident had an X-ray that said I have the first-degree spondylolisthesis (mild) but I have never felt pain. everything was okay and Dr said it's fine and many people have it while there is no pain. So, I don't take anything seriously.

5 months ago, I was at the gym deadlifting as usual and the next day, I got up with back pain. Seeing the doctor, I was diagnosed by x-ray that I have L5 fracture.

seeing 3 doctors within 5 months, they suggested back fusion surgery, which destroyed my hope. I'm still 24, I quit my job. and I live in a country, Egypt, where almost no back patient gets cured well. we are all screaming and drs have poor experience with what they are doing.

All people advised me to avoid fusion, and I read some talks about "pars repair procedure" for those who have L5 fracture and minimum or no spondy and some said it worked well so patients can get back to their normal lives.

I currently need to listen to you. did it go well with you? does it worth? and if so, can you recommend a surgeon that you personally experience him? everything that can help?

I'm now screaming and I can't even walk, sleep, or sit on a chair.

I just need to die


note: i never felt pain when i was diagnosed with spondy, the pain appeared when I got my L5 fractured, so i think all the pain comes from the fracture, not spondy.


sorry l have been trying to contact you through email
I understand how you feel you need to try and be positive
Which l know is really hard when pain is so bad l used to
Wish l was dead because off the pain and l am ashamed
Of saying this l am just recovering from my fifth operation now and all I can say is l am better off now

Please send me a email to Samdemaine@ yahoo.co.uk
We can then share telephone numbers and l will try and help you as much as l possibly can
God bless you
kind Regards