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Plz help my father..

Started by iwan on 07/22/2010 10:46am

God bless us all.It began 24 years ago when my father shovelled dirt soil to cover unflattened land for half day.Meaning he bow his body(back)during that period,with the fact that he didn't do it on daily basis.That was not his job.The next morning, he couldn't wake up because of pain in his back. After seeing a neurologist,given prescribed medicine and went through 7 times out of 15 suggested body-pull therapies,he recovered.Ten years later,the backpain came back again due to tiredness of hard work repairing and lifting truck's machineries and transmission boxes and again healed.The third time, it happened eight years ago and he was hospitalized for a few days and recovered.Afterwards,my father was pretty active in hiking sports around two years.In normal daily lives,he was as active as if there were no problem ever with his back.Recently,the backpain came over and over again repeatedly from year 2008 until now.My father visited orthopaedic and orthopaedic surgeon to ask about his spine condition and they both said the spine condition is normal based on MRI scan result,there is no correlation between the complaint and the MRI scan.They recommended to go through ultrasound theraphy and shocked therapy.It worked well then,but not so now. My question is what is happening to my father's back??When the pain comes, sometimes it looks like a swollen sprain muscle,feels like his back being pushed forward suddenly.Lately, he prefers to lie down on the bed most of the time because he feels like his back burdened between the spine while sitting down or standing up.My father is 63 years of age.Any medical advices or alternatives,anyone? Thank You!

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i have spinal stenosis, i need to lean foward to get rid of pain . the more i walk the more i lean foward. he needs another mri the older u get the worse ur back becomes
spinal laser surgery may help lumbar


Sorry about that.... I would have another MRI. You know what? When I got my X-rays a few days ago I got another patients x-rays in my envelope... I would also see a neurosurgeon.... a good one. Hope your dad gets better.


Thank You all,Rosey,Rosem and Hakonson.Rosey,do you mean while taking a walk for like 10 min,you need to lean your body a little bit and the more distance you go,you will have to lean/bow more degrees to get rid of backpain?Yes Hakonson,my father's back pain is in the lumbar region but he doesn't have problem with his thighs and legs.Is that procedure applicable worldwide?or in certain developed countries? Rosem,my father's MRI is like black and white x-rays with more complex structures of lumbar.Is that MRI 64 slices?How about MRI neurography?


Hi Hakonson,I'm Iwan,have you received my email?,since I was reported there is sending failure notice to your email acc.,so I post my questions here.about ambulatory spinal
unloading you mentioned,so that is a treatment right?,not an operation nor
a surgery?In my father's case,how many times of treatments should he take?How does it work? and how long the time intervals would be?Does it have side effects?Which part of the spinal system will be healed at most by that treatment, the muscle,nerves,lumbar or spine?Besides Canada,is that treatment available worldwide,in Asia?
And how much does it cost?I really appreciate your special assistance,THANK